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administrative support

comprehensive solutions for managing your business

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Customer Service, Order Management, Back Office

We offer a comprehensive, user-friendly solution to managing the back office needs of companies like yours.  We will enable you to minimize the hours spent organizing and maintaining product creation, inventory tracking, and financial reporting with our interface with accounting software, leaving you more time for product development and sales. We also offer customer service solutions!

Systems Integration Automation

Although traditional paper-based systems have done their job well for years, digital systems are revolutionizing the way we are doing business. Take a load off, and let automation take care of the bulk of your work.

Financial Consultation

Get comprehensive support for your small to mid-sized business with our professional services, including bookkeeping, HR, payroll, accounts payables and receivables, cash planning & budgeting, and digital marketing. Experience efficiency and growth with our one-stop solution.


 In addition to providing Management Services directly, THE CLEO AGENCY also specializes in Training and Consulting. We work with you and your staff to ensure that you have the best possible systems, procedures, and knowledge working for you and your business. Not every company needs (or can afford) a full-time or outside staff. But every company needs (and can't afford not to have) an operational and accounting system to maintain financial health and growth.

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