It is such an honor and privilege to work with our client EM who provides Medical Equipment, Rentals, and Repairs to Los Angeles County. They work diligently to ensure those with medical needs or equipment have the utmost care and we are happy to help!
Please join us and bring your whole family and celebrate Americans Disability Act at the 13th Annual Familia Unida Wheelchair Wash : FREE VIP PAMPERING FOR THE DISABLED AND FAMILIES! Wheelchair Wash Event that hosts over 2,000 community members through our C.A.R.E. program to increases the quality of life and health access to community resources for our members living with a disability. Wheelchair Wash Health Access Festival will feature washing and tune-ups of Wheelchairs, Hair Cuts, Manicures, Arts & Crafts, Live Entertainment, Celebrity Appearances as well as Educational, Employment, Community & Health Resources.
History of the Wheelchair Wash - Irma Resendez was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and paralyzed for almost a year. She used an electric wheelchair/scooter and experienced feelings of isolation, prejudice and discrimination resulting from her disability. One of Irma’s dreams was to bring awareness to the fact that people living with a disability have many abilities. Through the foundation of Familia Unida, Irma was able to bring communities together to see for themselves how we are not so different after all. Irma’s vision was to pamper those feeling isolated and alone with a full day of love. Today this annual wheelchair wash is a symbol of celebration and happiness for all!
Familia Unida Mission Statement CONNECT – SHARE – LEARN “To provide unconditional love, hope and support to individuals and families living with MS and disabilities to Maximize the Quality of Life”
October 23, 2016 at 10:00 AM
LA Civic Center
LA Civic Center - 4801 East 3rd Street - Los Angeles, CA 90022

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