#Tablemountain is one of the #sevenwonders of the world with #chakra points. I was able to #meditate and do some #taichi on the mountain and spread some of my special folks ashes in a rock with a #heart in it! So awesome that this place reflects the full spectrum of possibilities for us to align and expand. For almost a month this #mountain was my backdrop of my trip and we had the #privelege to hike It and stay overnight! Getting up was a breeze for us! Took us 2.5 hours! We had the best group of people. We ate, laughed, and slept in the cabin! All 11 of us! It was #dope 🌟 Next day ( we weren't ready... Kevin hart voice) it got real tough with a serious hike for almost 6 hours back! It was a struggle! I almost had an asthma and a panic attack 😐🙄 but with the help of this amazing group.... I made it! We made it! Thanks for everyone who I leaned on during the trip! I love and appreciate you all for the life changing experience

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